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Activate Clinic East Hills
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About Us

Activate Clinic is a family owned and operated business. We’re committed to
helping you achieve optimal health so you can live life to the fullest.

Cost Effectiveness

We work hard to keep our prices as low
as possible to ensure that you can afford
to invest in your health.

Lasting Results

We emphasise treatment strategies that
will continue to work well into the future.
We’re for solving issues once and for all.

Complete Care

We take a birds-eye view of your health
to ensure we offer a holistic service that
helps you improve overall wellbeing.

Our Services

We believe that every condition & injury is unique. That’s why we treat you
with an individualised treatment plan.


Activate Clinic Head Physiotherapist, Justin, provides our members with the absolute best care. What sets him apart and makes him perfect for our clinic is that he truly believes in the active therapy approach which helps you enjoy reduced pain and remain injury free well after his treatment is finished.

Justin will use his extensive knowledge of functional anatomy combined with his first hand experience as a Physiotherapist to create a individual treatment plan for you. He’ll always work one on one to ensure that you are making progress that will lead you to your ultimate results.

Activate Clinic Physiotherapy is ideal for:

• Recent Injuries

• Lower Back Pain

• Shoulder Injury & Pain

• Neck Pain & Stiffness

• Post Operative Rehabilitation

• Sciatica

• Heel Pain & Plantar Fasciitis

• Muscle Relaxation

Activate Clinic Gym Exercise

Activate Clinic Director & Exercise Physiologist, Hany, provides non-invasive solutions to overcome pain & prevent disease by strategically using exercise. The clinic is build on a foundation of natural remedies to resolve the most common medical and health problems. Exercise is an active therapy that enables your muscles and organs to become stronger and more efficient and reduces the risk of virtually all health conditions simultaneously.

Hany will help you by identifying problematic areas of your physiology and developing an individual plan to help you achieve your specific goals and needs. By engaging in supervised or home exercises, Hany can help you live healthier and happier and you’ll notice how much easier your daily activities will become.

Activate Clinic Exercise Physiology is ideal for:

• Long Term Pain & Injuries

• Weight & Fat Loss

• Disturbed Sleep & Sleep Apnea

• Problems Related to Prolonged Sitting

• Diabetes Management & Prevention

• Heart Disease Prevention

• Improving Strength & Fitness

• Kids Exercise & Development

Our philosophy

Life is hard when you’re not at your best. We want to help make each day a little better by helping you take care of your health in the most efficient way possible. We love all our patients and are invested in helping you reach your peak.


Our fresh approach to healthcare is not limited by geography. We can help you from the comfort of your own home
or office. We combine skype consultations with home exercise programs, video tutorials and email follow ups to
help you achieve lasting results without having to come into our clinic.


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