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We help Aussie’s of all shapes and sizes improve their overall health through exercise.

We’ve developed an amazing treatment that relieves the most common aches, pains, injuries and conditions.

We’ll help you build up your weaknesses using strategies that are natural, safe and effective! 

Whatever goal you have, we’ll help you get measurable results quickly.

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We are Hany & Steph and we are the co-founders of Activate Clinic. We also happen to be happily married to each other!!


We initially launched Activate Clinic as a traditional health clinic but discovered that we would actually need to create brand new approach to effectively impact people’s health. The truth that we have learned is that no two people are the same. Therefore there is no set “solution” to each problem 😭. HOWEVER…the answers can be found by applying proven strategies and assessing their results on your health.


As a result we’re developing a system for solving the most common health problems. From weight loss, to physical aches and pains, to getting stronger and maintaining independence, to preventing disease and to infinity and beyond.