Activate Clinic Specialises In

Exercise Based Therapy

For Amazing Results That Last!


We have developed, tested and refined a variety of programs that treat many of the most common health issues. We believe in providing natural, results-driven and low cost treatment.


A Fresh Perspective

As a young clinic, we have the luxury of bringing a fresh perspective to health care.

As a result, we have intentionally focused on treatment that gets you results rather than maximising our revenue.

Results Focused

We have also seen countless examples of the failures of traditional medicine in managing  some of the most common injuries and diseases. We have decided to forge our own path and follow the results rather than tradition.

Lowest Costs

Finally, we are striving to provide our world class service at the lowest possible prices to help ensure that you can afford to take care of your health. We manage to accomplish this by maximising our time, reducing our overheads and chopping our profit margin relative to other forms of healthcare. 




We are Hany & Steph and we are the co-founders of Activate Clinic. We also happen to be happily married to each other!!


We initially launched Activate Clinic as a traditional health clinic but discovered that we would actually need to create brand new approach to effectively impact people’s health. The truth that we have learned is that no two people are the same. Therefore there is no set “solution” to each problem 😭. HOWEVER…the answers can be found by applying proven strategies and assessing their results on your health.


As a result we’re developing a system for solving the most common health problems. From weight loss, to physical aches and pains, to getting stronger and maintaining independence, to preventing disease and to infinity and beyond.


The best way for us to impact and improve your health is through our “complete health care” program which positions us as your health coaches.


The process begins with a comprehensive assessment where we gather data about your physical and emotional health and use them to determine the areas of your health that deserve the most attention. We will work with you to develop clear and attainable goals and then create a specific plan of action for you to go about achieving your goals and improving your overall health.


This program is extremely unique and has been carefully developed after seeing too many examples of people having their health poorly managed for too long causing unnecessary headaches and heartache.


We also offer one-on-one treatment in the more traditional sense of healthcare. Our one-on-one treatment consists of focused attention with an expert team member that can help you get a quick and sustainable improvement.


Our supervised exercise programs are suited for people who have a specific physical or health issue that can be improved by exercise. 


Supervised exercise involves our team developing a custom, individualised and goal-focused exercise regiment that is completed within our clinic under expert supervision.


Supervised exercise sessions involve 2 x 30 minute sessions per week

Supervised Exercise Sessions

$30 per session
  • 30 minute session
  • Individual program
  • Shared gym access
  • Expert supervision
  • Program progression
  • Avoid injuries through proper instruction
  • Suitable for all ages & fitness levels
  • Covered by health funds & Medicare