Activate Clinic COVID-19 Response

Hi all,

We want to update you on our clinic’s response to the COVID-19 situation.

It is understood that being physically fit & stronger signficantly reduces the threat of serious medical issues if infected with any communicable virus/disease.

We therefore plan to remain open as we try to help you maintain or improve your physical capacity.

Having said that, please understand that we see and treat many higher risk clients and we have increased our diligence with ensuring that we are minimising risk of transmission within the clinic. These measures include:

• Enforced hand washing/hand sanitising on entry to the clinic
• Regularly wiping equipment, handles etc with hospital grade disinfectant
• Introducing mantadory towel use on all equipment
• Having plenty of disinfectant wipes, spray and hand sanitiser, disposable gloves available for your use at any time

We also encourage anyone who does not have any essential need for attendance to stay home and as per usual, there is no punishment for late cancellations should you feel uneasy or unwell.

We will also be continually exploring options to reduce the risk such as using video conference, reducing group class numbers and offering home visits.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to discuss anything related to our COVID-19 response or if you have any questions.

Please see this useful link regarding the importance of exercise: bit.ly/38P7RrL


Hany & the Activate Clinic team

About The Author

Hany is an Exercise Physiologist & the Clinic Director here at Activate Clinic.