Coffee + Cream

  • Coffee
  • Cream (thickened, pouring or whipped)

Most of us will be happy to hear that coffee can still be part of a healthy diet. The main difference in our program is that full cream milk contains about 30% sugar! (low fat & skim milk contains closer to 60% sugar).

There are a few ways around this:

• Add pure cream instead of milk – it’s actually tastier.
• Add butter into your coffee – especially good if you’re not having a big breakfast to get your body ready to use fat for fuel.
• Add coconut oil into your coffee – takes some getting used to but is a great start to the day.
• Try an iced coffee – coffee, cream and ice. Add some whipped cream on there.


Scrambled Eggs + Avocado + Bacon

Fried Eggs + Avocado

Omelette with Cream Cheese & Salmon

Eggs are one of the staples of our program. They are healthy, delicious, easy and versatile! They are also relatively cheap and easy to find if you go out for breakfast.

Warnings: most traditional breakfasts have eggs on toast or some sort of bread component. You’ll need to break this tradition in order to successfully follow this plan. Replace the toast with spinach, mushrooms or other vegetables to get the same “soaking” effect without the unncessary carbs.

Try eggs cooked these ways:

• Poached
• Fried
• Scrambled
• Omelette

Combine Eggs with

• Avocado
• Spinach Leaves
• Cheese
• Sausages
• Bacon
• Mushrooms
• Asparagus

Other Breakfast Ideas

Low Sugar Greek Yogurt + Crushed Mixed Nuts

Activate Clinic

Carrots & Peanut Butter

Eggs are one of the staples of our program. They are healthy, delicious, easy and versatile! They are also relatively cheap and easy to find if you go out for breakfast.

There are a variety of breakfasts you can have that don’t contain eggs. One of the most important lessons to learn is that your body doesn’t care that it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. So it’s beneficial to have non-traditional meals for breakfast.

Here are some egg-free ideas for breakfast:

• Low carb greek yogurt (check label) with mixed nuts
• Mixed nuts & dark chocolate (mixed like a trail mix)
• Cucumber with cream cheese
• Cold meat cuts (salami, chorizo etc & cheese)
• Olives & feta
• Avocado & feta

• Peanut butter & carrots

Skipping Breakfast

On our program it is okay to skip breakfast!

Yes, you read that correctly!

Especially if you have some fat in storage, skipping breakfast will extend your overnight fast and help your body look to fat to fuel the muscles. Since most of us are fairly active in the morning (getting to work etc), its a great way to kick start your body’s natural fat burning systems. 

Sometimes a coffee and something small is enough and get after it. As you go on this plan you’ll find you have less and less hunger in the morning anyway.

Things to avoid


Cereal is one of the biggest mistakes our society has made. Cereal was sold to us as a great energy boost to start the day. It stems from kids and has overtaken the normal daily routine. What a shame! Virtually all cereals are loaded with carbohydrates. Starting the day with a bowl full of carbs is a sure fire way to let your body think it won’t need to use fat for the rest of the day.


Most fruits are very high in sugar. Yes it’s natural sugar, but when it reaches your blood your body won’t care where it came from – it’ll have the same effect as drinking coca-cola for breakfast. Some people can get away with small amount of fruits later in the day, but it’s best to avoid it for breakfast.

Skim Milk

Skim milk is a farce. Milk generally consists of 33% protein, 33% fat and 33% sugar.

Skim milk consists of 33% protein and 66% sugar. We were told it’s healthier but we were told wrong. Giving your body a big shot of sugar first thing in the morning sets you back and makes it harder to ever burn fat.