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The large majority of members in our clinic are adults. Adults come with a fixed set of habits, routines and stressors on their body, usually being present for many years. It seems as though the general belief is that maintaining physical well-being is an “adults only” necessity. This is a misconception that we are working on redefining.

Why Should Kids Participate in Structured Exercise?

Many of the primary complaints of our members (of all ages) are related to habit induced injuries and conditions. Things like back pain, neck pain & knee pain are often chronic in nature and develop progressively over time. In fact, the more people we see, the more we learn that most injuries have a deep rooted pathology that likely began developing from a young age.

Kids are amazing. They heal quicker, adhere better and see greater results than their adult counterparts. Their risk of injury is lower and it’s more rewarding for us to help impact someone’s future health in such a profound way.

Kids exercise can lead to improvements in:

  • Muscle strength
  • Muscle activation
  • Flexibility
  • Cardiovascular health & wellbeing
  • Asthma & breathing
  • Pain
  • Attention & focus
  • Confidence
  • Injury prevention

With so much development ahead of them, introducing them to a structured, strategic exercise program early on can lead to amazing results in the long term.

Is Resistance Exercise Safe For Kids?


When properly administered, resistance training is one of the best for improving the activation, strength & endurance of developing muscles. A supervised exercise program with individual attention and progression can lead to amazing results.

Unlike most adults, kids have a larger frequency of running, playing and sport participation. Their cardiovascular systems is generally well developed through their normal activities. However, their musculoskeletal system requires specific targeting in order to develop appropriately. By using exercises strategically to negate deficiencies; improve the nervous system’s control over the muscles as well as facilitating good motor skills and habits to prevent injuries and disease later in life.

How Does A Kids Exercise Program Differ From Adults?

Kids exercises have to be simple, but most importantly – fun! The trainer/coach needs to select exercises that are both effective and enjoyable. Just like being a parent, the trainer needs to communicate clearly, develop trust and rapport and gamify the exercise program.

Flexibility is another key area of importance when developing a kids exercise program. Since kids tend to provide less detailed reporting of what they’re feeling, if there are any issues there needs to be a plan B, C and D! It takes a good trainer to develop a fun, unique and effective program.

An extensive knowledge of anatomy & physiology is another fundamental trainer requirement when sending your kids to a structured exercise program. This is not a PE class, the movements must all serve a purpose. Exercise prescription is an outlet for creativity and just like art work, there must be a goal, point or purpose behind the movements.

Developing Athletes Through Kids Exercise Programs

One of the primary reasons that you might consider sending your kids to a structured exercise program is if they are excelling at sport and pursuing athletic endeavours. Sport specific training is a vital part of athletic development however gym-based exercises have an equally important role in the young athlete’s development.

Structured and supervised exercise programs should be an integral part of every athlete’s development. The sooner they start the better. Improving flexibility from a young age is key in their future success.

Not only will supervised exercise programs improve strength and endurance, but they will also work to prevent major and minor injuries. One of the largest barriers to developing into a professional or high level athlete is injuries. Injuries are followed by periods of inactivity which leads to muscle decline and sport specific skill loss. Additionally, many athletes push through injuries resulting in the development of incorrect movement patterns that create compensation and uneven load distribution which subsequently increases the risk of injury.

Introducing Activate Kids

We have developed an outstanding reputation for working with kids through structured exercise programs. Our programs are designed to be fun and effective. They help kids develop coordination, flexibility, strength and most importantly a love of exercise that will improve their overall health as they grow and mature. 

As a parent, it’s important to know your kids are receiving the best care. Through our exercise sessions, you’ll see dramatic, tangible improvements in their physical capacity. We’ll also be able to provide insight into practical ways you can assist their development through everyday life. 

What to expect when commencing a kids exercise program

  • An extensive history will be taken assessing the child’s activity levels, goals and areas of weakness;
  • An understanding of any specific medical conditions they may have or family history that we can work to prevent;
  • A physical assessment for your child where we can compare them to normative data for other kids their age and identify areas that their exercise program should focus on;
  • Development of an individual exercise program by your child’s Exercise Physiologist;
  • Regular kids exercise sessions fully supervised by your Exercise Physiologist;
After just a few sessions you’ll begin to see:
  • Improvements in physical capacity (strength, endurance, fitness, coordination etc);
  • Visible improvements in muscle definition and mass;
  • Improvements in confidence;
  • Improvements in energy, mood and focus;
  • Improvements in sleep quality;
  • A whole lot of fun and laughs!


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