Athletic Development

Improved Perfomance

Correct Joint Function

Maximised Training Time

Injury Prevention

Lower Off-Season Effects

Individualised Approach

Backed by Research and Science!

The Benefits

Sprint Speed & Acceleration

Targeted training to improve joint efficiency & maximise muscle recruitment during running in order to improve gross top end speed and minimise time to top speed.

Strength & Power

Combining the strength techniques from some of the World’s best athletes that translate into our athlete’s specific sport. By using solidly researched protocols, we ensure that maximal effect is achieved safely and relevantly.

Injury Prevention

Injuries are often the barrier that prevent athletes from developing and reaching their full potential. Activate Clinic Athlete Development focuses on preventing injuries both during training and during game situations. Through technical protocols that stress the body in dynamic states that are only experienced during the peak of physical performance. Less injuries result in more developmental time and greater gross results.

Multi-Disciplinary Support

Our team encompasses the fields of Exercise Physiology, Sports Science, Physiotherapy & Medicine into our Athlete’s physical & mental development.

Start Your Journey to Improved Performance

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