Activate Clinic COVID-19 Response

Hi all, We want to update you on our clinic’s response to the COVID-19 situation. It is understood that being physically fit & stronger signficantly reduces the threat of serious medical issues if infected with any communicable virus/disease. We therefore plan to remain open as we try to help you maintain or improve your physical […]

How to fix hip bursitis and chronic hip pain

Hip bursitis and chronic hip pain are some of the most common complaints that we face in our clinic. Hip bursitis can be cataegorised as an overuse injury which can make it a tricky problem to resolve if you need to keep using your hip (walking, standing etc). WHAT IS HIP BURSITIS? The bursa is a fat […]

Why does my calf cramp?

A calf cramp is a muscle spasm that usually occurs when the calf muscle is unable to recover as a result of being overworked and exhausted.  A calf cramp are the most common form of cramp that we hear reported in our clinic. Calf cramps do not generally occur randomly and shouldn’t be happening if […]

What Causes Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the main nerve that communicates with the legs. The sciatic nerve is formed by the connection of multiple smaller nerves that all leave the spinal cord through the lumbar spine (lower back). The role of the sciatic nerve is to communicate information from the brain to the legs (causing movement) and [...]

Weight Loss Tip #1 – Brush Your Teeth!

One of the worst habits that we develop is the need for something sweet following a big meal. This habit is drilled into us from an early age by advertising, television shows and restaurants - all with the idea of selling you more things! For many people, the post dinner dessert is very difficult to [...]

This Week I Learned…17 Feb 2017

Hey! Hope your week was as good as mine was! If it wasn't then don't worry. The next one will be here soon and you have a chance to make it better. Here's what I learned in the past week: 1. Diabetes is reversible & behaviour change possible! I already knew that, so it's not [...]

What I Learned From My Dad’s Health

I once asked a friend of mine if he was happy that I completed the same course as him at university one year ahead of him. His answer was "yes, because you showed me what not to do!" Thanks Gary. That comment always stuck with me...not because he was wrong (I never had the best [...]