3 Steps to Get Motivated To Exercise

At the end of the day, when the dust settles, this is likely the most important subject... ...ever. Everyone always talks about motivation, and we can usually get a sense for whether someone is motivated to exercise in a split second. Today we aren't talking about others, we're talking about YOU. In order to get [...]

Activate Your Kids!

The large majority of members in our clinic are adults. Adults come with a fixed set of habits, routines and stressors on their body, usually being present for many years. It seems as though the general belief is that maintaining physical well-being is an "adults only" necessity. This is a misconception that we are working [...]

Preventing Swollen Ankles After Flying

Travelling overseas brings with it much anticipation and excitement. For most of us Australians, the bliss of foreign adventures is only enjoyable after many uncomfortable hours in a tiny, claustrophobic aircraft. There are many common complaints during long distance travel and one of the primary,

Walking Is Not Enough

During first appointments, it’s common for me to ask “Do you do any regular exercise?” The answers can vary greatly, but there’s rarely ever enough exercise on the schedule. One of the primary issues I have come across is that people are considering themselves “active” because they walk often. Don’t get me wrong…walking is fantastic.

Research: Higher Resting Heart Rate Predicts Disease

Many people believe that the main aim of regular exercise or physical activity is weight loss. As a result, many individuals try to cut corners to lose weight without partaking in regular physical activity. Clinical evidence has suggested (for many years) that lower resting heart rates result of regular physical activity and exercise. However, scientific [...]

Understanding High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Fat loss is one of the major reasons that individuals take up exercise. However, traditional training methods have relied on “steady state” aerobic type exercise to no avail. Current research indicates that High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) may be more advantageous in achieving health benefits. University of NSW Associate Professor Stephen Boutcher has highlighted the […]

NSW Government Launches “Make Healthy Normal Campaign”

The NSW Government has launched a special campaign designed to increase awareness for lifestyle changes that can positively affect overall health and wellbeing. The campaign titled “make healthy normal” provides a hub of information & resources to help the community take better care of themselves.


Desk Exercises are a terrific way to manage lower back pain. Remember, as each person is unique you should seek exercises specific to your case. Lower back pain is one of the most prominent conditions affecting prolonged sitters. As I’ve discussed before lower back pain often results due to poor muscular endurance in the core and […]