A Cure for Knee Osteoarthritis

It's estimated that roughly 30-40% of people will experience knee osteoarthritis as they age with a higher proportion affected being Women (Felson, 1987). A recent World Health Organisation report on the global burden of disease indicates that knee osteoarthritis is likely to become the fourth most important global cause of disability in women and the [...]

Linking Pain & Depression

There was a time when science & medicine failed to acknowledge the relationship between depression and pain. On a regular basis, clients report suffering from chronic pain. Occasionally people’s pain was accompanied by a diagnosis of depression but that would make up the minority of cases I’ve come across. That’s not to say that people aren’t suffering […]

Dealing with Injuries: Australian Quarterback David Ward

Gridiron is a violent game. Violence usually leads to an increased risk of injury. In turn, injuries – depending on severity – can require calculated physical and mental rehabilitation. I sat down with Australian Outback (1999-2013) and West Sydney Pirates  Quarterback David Ward to discuss some of his footballing injuries. David has the honour being […]