The Advantages You Get When Working With an East Hills Physio at Activate Clinic

We know that you have choices when you’re looking into an East Hills physio, but we’re also confident that nobody approaches physiotherapy in the same way that we do. Since we provide various advantages over others, we are a top choice for anyone that needs the help of an East Hills physio for their ailments.

We focus on providing integrated, evidence-based practice. This means that we don’t rely on guesswork to treat our patients, we rather incorporate theoretically and practically sound protocols into our treatments to ensure long lasting results. We also provide rebatable services- most of them by both Medicare and private health insurance clinics.

The fact that we can process claims on the spot in our clinic is a huge advantage to you. We focus on providing holistic treatment, which means that we will work closely with your GP & other specialist and other allied health practitioners to ensure that we are contributing positively to your overall health plan. If you experienced a workplace injury, we provide worker’s compensation rehabilitation to get you back to work and ensure that you’re properly taken care of when you can’t work.

If you’re interested in hiring the Activate Clinic as your East Hills physio, don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our website today for some more information. We look forward to talking with you and assessing your needs soon!

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