Exercise Physiology

What is an Exercise Physiologist?

An Exercise Physiologist specialises in understanding how specific exercises interact with the body’s systems. An Exercise Physiologist aims to provide individually targeted exercise to achieve a specific purpose.

Who Do Exercise Physiologists See?

Regular exercise provides ample benefits for everyone. An Exercise Physiologist ensures that you are performing the correct exercises with the correct techniques and in the correct doses to facilitate maximal benefit.

The Activate Clinic Difference

Our clinic prides itself on achieving results for our clients. We believe that each individual is unique and requires attention to detail and expert knowledge to unlock the best for their long term health.

The Benefits

  • Healthy Weight Loss

    Regular exercise promotes healthy fat loss as well as increasing the rate at which the body metabolises excess calories.

  • Lower Back Pain

    Through strengthening and retraining movement patterns, the causes of lower back pain can be directly treated.

  • Diabetes Management & Prevention

    Exercise is scientifically proven to have a positive impact on sugar levels as muscles consume a greater amount of blood sugar.

  • Heart Health

    The heart is a muscle that requires some tender lover & care in order for it to be at peak performance. Through strategic and careful exercise, heart health can be improved.

  • Shoulder Pain & Weakness

    Following an injury, poor habits can overtake movement patterns and increase damage to the shoulder. Individualised exercise can help improve the shoulder strength and control.

  • Fatigue & Pain During Work

    Lots of harm is done to our body’s while we are busy concentrating on our work duties. Improving the body’s functional capacity can minimise this harm and help reduce pain in the long term.

  • Return to Sport

    Following an injury, it’s vital to ensure that the body has fully regained its strength and coordination to prevent re-injury and optimise performance.

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation

    Following surgery, exercise therapy is often crucial in ensuring the body regains to full strength and recovery. Strategic exercises during the post-operative period can assist in the success of many procedures.

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Individual Consultations

[imedica_feature_boxes title=”Initial Consultation” style=”Style2″ border_width=”1″ icon=”Defaults-check-square-o” textcolor=”#1e73be”]

An thorough medical history will be undertaken in order to prescribe a relevant exercise intervention. The Exercise Physiologist will discuss the appropriate treatment plan for you. Often, a home exercise program will be specifically designed for you and provided following the consultation.

Duration: 45 minutes.


[imedica_feature_boxes title=”Follow-Up Consultation” style=”Style2″ border_width=”1″ icon=”Defaults-check-square-o” textcolor=”#1e73be”]

A follow up consultation occurs following the initial consultation in order to evaluate the success of the initial intervention. The Exercise Physiologist will then tweak/advance the program as required to continue towards your overall goal.

Duration: 30 minutes


  • Baseline Testing to Evaluate Progress

  • Home Exercise Programs

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  • Experienced comprehensive workcover services
  • Supervised gym sessions
  • Home & work exercises
  • Focused on preventing re-injury
  • Active therapy helps long term recovery
  • We have helped patients avoid risky surgery and improve their quality of life