Not All Padstow Physio Therapists Are Created Equal

Unlike many other Padstow physio therapists, Activate Clinic offers integrated treatment options. Their treatment options are designed to address your physical aches, pains, and ailments at their root. They do not merely treat the symptoms. All of Activate Clinic’s Padstow physio therapists are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of physical rehabilitation, and they use these skills in evidence-based practice.

Activate Clinic’s staff will analyse and assess your physical deficiencies and then assist you in repairing those ailments. Their Padstow physio therapists combine their knowledge of the body’s anatomical structure and muscular structure as they work through all stages of your rehabilitation. Activate Clinic is a medical facility and collaborates closely with doctors to make sure that their treatments are complication free and results are lasting. Their staff will also carefully communicate with Activate Clinic’s other providers, including their Exercise Physiologists, to ensure that your healing is quick and long lasting.

Activate Clinic also has a supervised gym on site. All of their treatments are integrated with their Exercise Physiologists to ensure that your recovery is efficient. All of their sessions are one on one, which ensures that you get the full attention of your physio and that all treatments are performed as needed.

The convenience of the location directly across from the East Hills Train Station, long trading hours, and affordable cost have no match. Activate Clinic is not for temporary solutions, but rather for long-term ones. They aim to get you back to your best so you can get back to truly enjoying your life. Activate Clinic is positively a new era of allied health.

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