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Pain is one of the biggest obstacles to truly enjoying life.
We’ve developed a proven strategy for helping you overcome pain without the need for invasive surgery or persistent medications. 
We love that we can make a real, lasting impact on you and your family.

Our Principles

  • Active Therapy – strengthening & stretching instead of massage & heat packs

  • Lowest Costs – our initial assessment is free & then our costs are ultra-low for review sessions

  • Proven Results – you’ll be able to see results within a couple of weeks. We won’t ask you to “just take our word for it”


Your initial assessment is


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The initial assessment is a comprehensive physical assessment that we use to identify issues that could be causing your pain. The aim of the assessment is to develop a plan of action to get you from where you are on day 1, to the point that you are completely free of pain.

There are many types of pain that we can help especially when influenced by the musculo-skeletal system (injury to bones, joints, tendons, ligaments & muscles) but in many cases it can be difficult to really identify the specific cause in the first appointment. We’ll help identify and resolve your issue and give ourselves clear criteria to be able to evaluate if our plan is helping you get better.

It’s not very easy to understand how we can help you, but we know we can. So take advantage of our special free assessment offer and use our experience for your own benefit! We love to help people get better!

Why Choose Activate Clinic?

At Activate Clinic we have discovered that we can help you get lasting relief by using a unique treatment style that focuses on natural, exercise based therapy that restores the key functions of the body that keep the pain away.


Our difference is in diagnosing and identifying the underlying cause of your pain first. We take the time to understand your pain. We then investigate a variety of different movements to identify muscles and movements that could be contributing to your pain.


Our unique method has helped people identify the true cause of their pain and allows us to provide a specific treatment plan to get rid of the pain once and for all.


Pain Physio

Hany Steph ActivateClinic


We are Hany & Steph, the people behind Activate Clinic. We’ve been working closely with people who are suffering from a wide range of different pains. Our experience has taught us that pain can be really complex. However, we are seeing amazing results using our unique method to fully understand the true cause of the pain and then providing solutions to begin to slowly solving the pain from the cause, leading to long lasting results.


The facts are that pain is your body letting you know something is wrong. Severe pain or chronic (long-lasting) pain are indications of a deep, persistent problem. Perhaps something you are doing on a daily basis is re-aggravating your problem causing it to worsen rather than heal.


It’s a tough road to get better but we are here to guide you through the process. You will learn so much and the best part is that you may be pain free really soon…

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What's the catch?

There is no catch! I hope you haven’t been burned that bad before. We are normal, real people that have devoted our life to helping other normal, real people fix their physical problems and get back to being a positive influence on their world.

I'm already seeing someone about this pain

Great! That doesn’t make much of a difference to how we get results. We believe in our system (that’s why we’re here trying to reach you), but everyone is complicated and getting different opinions is a smart idea. From what we’ve heard, there are very few options out there that match our level of detail and investigation. We have a unique perspective, and are really good at getting results.

Do I need to get imaging done?

We usually don’t rely heavily on medical imaging to do our assessment and provide our treatment plan of action. That’s because imaging can be wildly inconsistent depending on how the reports are worded. We like to say that we are basically doing our own “functional MRI” in our assessment where we analyse your body in depth and develop a true idea of your strengths and weaknesses in a dynamic, functional manner. If you have already done imaging then bring it along, but we use our own tests to assess your body and start to solve the puzzle.

What do your treatment plans usually look like?

We have a strong bias towards physical strengthening to solve pain. That’s because in most cases, pain is either caused, triggered or aggravated by muscle weakness. Our treatment plans usually involve a combination of stretches, exercises that you can complete at home or in our clinic under supervision. Our programs are uniquely created for each client individually and are tied to our objective criteria that we have added to your treatment plan of action. There is a small time investment of about 20-30 minutes per day but as you start to improve the time required will be reduced drastically.

How much does it cost?

We’re offering our initial assessment for free (usually $150) for a limited time. After that you will be provided with different options based on your budget and needs. Most of our clients choose to partake in supervised exercise sessions that cost $60 per week (before Medicare/Health Fund Rebates). The other option is to complete exercises on your own at home and conduct follow up appointments for $75 to assess progress and update the home program.


Medicare & Health Funds usually cover the majority of our fee saving you out of pocket charges.

How long will it take?

This is the hardest question to answer at this early stage. After the initial assessment we will give you a better idea of the timeframe to pain-free as well as clear milestones along the way. In general, we expect to be able to know that we are trending in the right direction by 8 weeks. That is usually enough time to zoom in on the specific triggers and path to resolution. But that is very generally speaking.

Hany Steph ActivateClinic


Your initial assessment is


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