Why Activate Clinic is the best choice if you’re looking for Physiotherapy Panania

Physiotherapy panania
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Activate Clinic is a family owned & operated health clinic that’s focused on providing natural solutions to the most common injuries & diseases.

If you’re looking for a clinic for Physiotherapy Panania, we’d love to help you!


At Activate Clinic we are building a reputation for fixing injuries and getting rid of aches and pains for good. We have a unique method that involves a movement focused assessment which helps us identify the true cause of pain. 


Step 1 – Initial Assessment (book now)

• A thorough assessment that helps us learn about your body and understand your strengths and weaknesses
• We will explain what the issue is in clear language and use models so you can understand what is really going on
• Together with you, we will develop a treatment plan with clearly outlined costs and a timeframe for recovery
• You will have the chance to ask any questions and we will follow up with you in the following few days to ensure we didn’t miss anything


Step 2 – Treatment

• After the initial assessment we will help guide you to the appropriate course of treatment that fits your situation
• We regularly check in with you to ensure that progress is being made
• We will help you progress through the stages of treatment so you know that you’re heading in the right direction.

Our Location

Our clinic is located in East Hills which is the suburb directly adjacent to Panania. We have off-street parking around the back and are directly opposite East Hills train station.

Physio Panania Physio


We are focused on providing world class healthcare at the lowest possible prices. As a family owned business, we work tirelessly to keep our costs down so we can pass on amazingly low prices to you.

Initial Assessment


One on One Treatment


Shared Exercise Sessions


Health Funds – Our treatment is covered by most major health funds. At the initial assessment, we will be able to give you an idea of what your health fund will cover for our sessions and if you will be out of pocket. We use a HICAPS terminal so you will receive instant health fund rebates and avoid you having to chase the refund yourself.

Medicare – Our Panania Physiotherapy treatment is bulk billed under Medicare referrals. That means you won’t pay a cent out of pocket.

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