Professional Grade Portable Massage Stick


A professional grade, portable massage stick to provide a self-guided deep tissue massage to ailing muscles.


Are you suffering from muscle tightness or soreness?

This professional grade massage stick will be the perfect tool to get you fast and lasting relief.

The massage stick works as a portable deep tissue massage to release knots within the muscle and allow the muscle to return to its normal functional tension. Simply hold the handles with both hands and guide the stick over the muscle and the spindles will penetrate the muscle tissue and knead out any tightness.

The massage stick works best on muscles that are difficult to stretch manually such as ITB and quadriceps. It is particularly useful for treatment of injuries as it allows a regular self-directed muscle massage without having to get the body into awkward positions.

We use the massage stick daily in our clinic with our patients and sell a large number to our clients within the clinic as well as online. The stick is professional grade which means it is highly durable and withstands the rigours of many uses. We have seen the best results when dealing with the following conditions:

• Knee Pain – Especially patella maltracking issues to release ITB and Quadriceps muscle without putting the knee joint through any tension
• Calf Pain/Cramping – An excellent treatment for calf muscle tightness and achilles tendon issues which offers the only way to relief a muscle without standing or getting into an awkward position
• Neck/Upper Trap Pain – Don’t get stuck having to go for regular massages when your neck is tight, this tool can be used on yourself or with the assistance of a partner to release the upper trap and relieve neck pain.
• Plantar Fasciitis – Using this massage stick on the calf/achilles tendon throughout the day will help to quickly relieve the tension


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