At Activate Clinic, we are focused on providing world class health care at the most affordable costs possible. Our team has developed a variety of programs that help you improve your health & wellbeing.

Exercise Therapy

Our most popular service!

Pay Per Session


Weekly Membership

$80 (Save $25 per week)


$45 per session (group of 3)


  • 1 – Hour Session

  • Your Own Personalised Program

  • Specialised Intructor

  • Session Shared with Others

  • Covered by Health Funds & Medicare


Weight Loss

Lose weight with Activate Clinic's unique programs combining diet & exercise.

Diabetes Management Activate Clinic

Diabetes Management

Lower your blood sugar naturally without medication and prevent any nasty complications.

Cheap Personal Training

Personal Training

Our Personal training truly helps you get results thanks to our ultra-low fees, expert advice and goal tracking.

Lower Back Pain Activate Clinic

Back Pain

We effectively diagnose the muscle weaknesses that cause back pain to solve the problem at it's root cause.

Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Amazingly fast relief from knee pain through our specific knee pain programs.

Shoulder Pain Relief Activate Clinic

Shoulder Pain

We help fix shoulder pain by restoring the normal muscle function and mechanics for the shoulder joint.

Activate Clinic Sciatica


We have a high success rate with treating sciatica because we first identify the true cause of pain!

Disability Exercise Activate Clinic


Supervised programs that aim to increase independence and confidence specifically designed for those with a disabiity.

Kids Exercise Programs Activate Clinic

Kids Programs

We help children get safe, fun exercise whether they have athletic goals, weight loss goals or general health goals.

Activate Clinic Sports Science

Athletic Development

Get faster & stronger but most importantly, maximise your physical tools and prevent injuries!

Home Exercise Programs Activate Clinic

Home Exercise Programs

Make the most of your time at home with your own individual exercise program that will help you achieve your goals.

Pre Natal Post Natal Exercise Activate Clinic

Pre/Post Natal Exercise

Expert programs for new mothers to get through the pregnancy and prepare for the physical demands of raising their baby.

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