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Frozen shoulder is a condition in which the shoulder joint experiences reduced range of motion, significant pain, weakness, numbness radiating down the arm and impaired ability to complete daily activities.

In most cases, frozen shoulder (also known as adhesive capsulitis) occurs as a result of tendinitis and inflammation of the rotator cuff muscles that are primarily responsible for shoulder stability. Frozen shoulder usually occurs as a result of an accumulation of smaller consistent shoulder injuries but can also appear suddenly without prior symptoms.

Most people who suffer from frozen shoulder are over 50 years old and there is a large bias towards injury on the non-dominant side. Those who experience frozen shoulder on one shoulder are more likely to have a future recurrence of frozen shoulder on the other shoulder.


Traditionally, frozen shoulder has been treated with physiotherapy, cortisone injection (ultrasound guided cortisone), surgery and medicines such as pain killers and anti-inflammatory drugs.

In our experience, many people who suffer from frozen shoulder do not enjoy a full recovery using these traditional treatment options. Some health professionals believe that frozen shoulder resolves spontaneously and that there is not much that can be done to accelerate the recovery process.

However, we disagree (lucky for you!)

Our clinic has successfully implemented a natural, exercise based treatment program that gradually restores normal muscular function which in turn helps reduce inflammation allowing for a gradual progression and return to normal shoulder function in a systematic way.

Unfortunately, many people spend months in passive therapy (resting and undergoing multiple cortisone injections) before seeing us which we feel is an unnecessary delay to the recovery.


Hi, I’m Hany.
Hany Activate Clinic

Since we launched Activate Clinic we have seen a large number of cases related to frozen shoulder. That means there are likely millions of people all over the world suffering from frozen shoulder at this moment!

However, one of the problems we have seen is that the treatment for frozen shoulder often involves an endless cycle of medicine and/or surgery and the pain never actually gets solved. That’s just a terrible thought isn’t it!?

Luckily, we have found an answer!

Our frozen shoulder program gradually progresses you through the stages of recovery by providing natural, exercise based treatment that restores the pain free range of motion, restores normal muscular function which subsequently reduces inflammation and pain! I think you will really enjoy having your shoulder back!

Our motivation comes from helping everyday Aussies get back to their best health so you can enjoy life free from chronic pain!


We know how hard and frustrating it can be to constantly deal with shoulder, neck and arm pain & weakness from frozen shoulder
We’re committed to helping everyday people (just like you) take control of their health in order to reduce pain and go back to living a happier, healthier life. 


We love that we can make a real, lasting impact on you and your family.

Frozen Shoulder Physio Assessment

Stage 1: Assess your shoulder and injury history

We believe that everyone is unique.

What follows is that every injury is also unique. The pain may be in a similar area but each person has a specific trigger to their pain.

Our program starts by investigating and assessing your shoulder range of motion, pain triggers, muscle weaknesses and injury history. We also aim to identify the daily activities you need to be able to do so we can ensure we help you improve to a functional capacity. 

Frozen Shoulder Restore Pain Free Range of Motion

Stage 2: Restoring Pain-Free Range of Motion

The first part of treatment involves restoring range of motion. Unfortunately there are no shortcuts to increasing the range but we incorporate passive assisted range of motion exercises to slowly increase your range back to full capacity.

Most of this initial phase of the program is completed at home and requires a small daily commitment of time to facilitate the gradual progression.

Hopefully, this phase can be completed quickly and the faster we can help get your range back to full, pain free the quicker the full recovery will occur. 

Frozen Shoulder Restore Normal Muscle Function

Stage 3: Restoring Normal Muscular Function

We know that restoring pain free range of motion might seem like our job is complete but as we know, frozen shoulder occurs due to chronic inflammation in the rotator cuff muscles. Therefore, returning to a full, pain free range of motion is not the end of our treatment as you will likely have a set back as soon as you put any load on your hands (such as grocery bags, hairbrush or hanging clothes on the line).

We’ll help you begin the process of restoring normal muscle function by prescribing specific exercises that help improve the key muscles acting on the shoulder.

Just like range of motion, restoring muscle function must be a gradual progression and there are no shortcuts. If you push too much too soon then the muscles will inflame and you will be set back. We’ll help provide clear exercise diagrams and instructions so you can continue treatment from home.

In most cases we use our supervised sessions to see where your progress is at and then we prescribe exercises for home to continue improving the areas required.

Frozen Shoulder Return To Activity

Stage 4: Return to normal activities

Once we’ve helped you restore pain free range of motion and normal muscular function you are cleared to return to normal activities…yay!

We will continue to support you so we can adjust and provide maintenance exercises and stretches that will assist you prevent re-injury.


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