Hi, I’m Hany.
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I’ve been through my own (epic) battle with weight loss. I know how tough it can be to climb out of the hole, and how discouraging it is when the weight doesn’t come off. I’ve learned lessons that helped me realise that it wasn’t my fault that I gained weight in the first place but I did have the power to make a choice to turn my life around. 

You too have the choice to lose weight, feel great and live a healthier life. And I’m here to help you get through the challenges and enjoy crossing the finish line sooner!

Since developing our Weight Loss program, we have helped hundreds of people who had nearly given up on the idea that they could ever lose weight and keep it off. We get success in weight loss where other methods fail because we are applying a scientific, measured approach to influence your body to shed fat instead of store it. 

I look forward to being able to help you do the same!


We know how hard it can be to lose weight. We want to give you the tools that we have used to help improve so many lives, including our own.


We love that we can make a real, lasting impact on you and your family.

Free Yourself From Dieting

The Activate Plan is a new way of looking at your health as a whole in order to encourage your body to store less fat and use previously stored fat for energy.

True Disease Prevention

Our plan offers tremendous disease beating potential for the most common diseases such as heart disease, obesity, stroke, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) & even cancer!

Willpower Not Required

Our plan aims to tweak your biochemistry to help you create willpower from your cells to your brain meaning that anyone can see amazing results independent of circumstances.
Healthy Weight Loss


What you choose to put in your body is the most important factor in preparing your body to burn fat for energy rather than put it into storage for later use.

We have seen advertising ruin our idea of what normal, healthy eating looks like leading most of us towards the wrong food choices.

Many of the foods we were told is healthy actually increases your body’s fat storage making it harder to lose weight.

Weight Loss Plan


Television will have you believe that you need to be involved in really intense “no pain, no gain” exercise in order to lose weight. For most of us, that’s not enjoyable or sustainable. 

We believe in exercise, but not necessarily in intense exercise. By taking advantage of scientific principles, we can make drastic improvements without the need for pain and sweat till you drop.

360° Support

It’s very difficult to achieve anything great on your own. One of our primary roles is to provide you with complete support. That means whenever you have any questions, or need any help we’ll be right by your side.

Not only will we support you, but we’ll connect you with others who are on the same journey to help you learn, feel encouraged and even engage in some healthy competition. It’s all about doing whatever it takes to help you achieve the results.

Program Details


Introduction – Fundamental principles of biochemistry that assist with natural weight loss

Individualisation – We’ll learn about your specific needs and goals and create a custom plan that suits your current and goal lifestyle.

Preparation & Goal Setting – You’ll receive a unique plan of action with specific goals, rules to follow and points of emphasis as you get started.

Action & Support – We’ll send you on your way to put The Activate Plan into action. We’ll be on hand to support you and answer any questions you might have.

Review & Refine – Our next meetings will focus on increasing your knowledge and equipping you with more tools. We’ll also review how you’ve gone and set new goals & targets.

Maintenance – Once you have completed the 6 week program, we’ll help you create a strategy for long term success.


Initial Program: 6 weeks


Fully Supervised

$150 per week

2 x 45 minute sessions per week

Always 1 on 1

Priority appointment times

Weekly weigh-in & progress update

Shared Sessions

$60 per week

2 x 30 minute sessions per week

Shared access to the exercise equipment

Individual program

Weekly weigh-in & progress update

Medicare & Health Funds can reduce your out of pocket expenses. Many of our existing clients complete the program with $0 out of pocket!

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Now you have no excuses!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much weight can I expect to lose?

We know it’s not the answer you want to here but: it depends.

People who are heavier are more likely to lose weight rapidly. Everyone can reasonably drop weight quickly and effectively using The Activate Plan because we teach your body to use the stored fat for fuel, so the more dedicated you are, the quicker and more drastic your improvements will be.

We genuinely believe that no goal is too ambitious, but the more you want to lose the more committed you’ll need to be.

Is it safe?

Yep! It sure is. 

We’ve been using this plan for 2 years with no ill effects. There are also thousands of people around the world beginning to adopt similar principles to our plan with tremendous results. The alternative of storing fat and risking disease is a much worse option when it comes to safety.

I've been to a dietitian/weight watchers etc. will you tell me the same things?

You might be familiar with some of what we teach but in our experience very very VERY few people have ever followed a plan like ours. That’s why we’re so confident that we can get you results. And we’d rather you learn from us and become one of our success stories than wait for the rest of the world to figure it out. Our methods are not idealised. They’re tested and proven in the real world and that’s what makes The Activate Plan so successful.

I have genetic or medical reasons for my weight, I don't think this will work for me...

Perfect. That’ll make your results even better. 

Many people (including doctors) chalk weight gain up to other external factors. We’ve encountered this multiple times and we’re confident that our program can help you. There’s really only one way you can find out.

I'm a vegetarian, will this plan work for me?

We have been able to help people who are vegetarian/vegan lose weight with The Activate Plan. It can be a little more difficult as most of our resources are catered for those without food restrictions. But if you’re willing to apply the core principles to your current food choices you’ll go a long way to improving your overall health.

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