Did you know that it’s possible to REVERSE DIABETES?

In most cases, the medical world treats diabetes with medications that only serve to manage the condition. We don’t subscribe to that line of thinking. Our program is designed with you in mind and helps you take the required steps to freeing yourself from this nasty disease once and for all. 

Hi, I’m Hany.
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Diabetes has really affected my family in a big way. As I was growing up, I saw my dad struggle with serious complications from type 2 diabetes – heart disease, gangrene, poor blood circulation & weight gain. My dad, a pharmacist, believed that medication was the only tool at his disposal and I continue to watch him battle the condition without trusting in lifestyle modification as the most viable outlet to reverse diabetes for good. 


This journey led me to put the theory learned at university to the practical test and led me to follow case studies, research and undergo my own experiments on myself and willing members of our clinic. The results have been amazing! Our program has helped people lose weight, drastically improve their blood test results, reduce their medication and even reverse diabetes altogether. It would be an honour to add you to the growing list of success stories for this program. 


We know how hard it can be to live with type 2 diabetes. We’re committed to helping everyday people (just like you) take control of their health in order to reverse diabetes and live a happier, healthier life. 


We love that we can make a real, lasting impact on you and your family.
Healthy Weight Loss


Diet is likely the most crucial factor in reversing diabetes. Generally, most people understand what they should or shouldn’t be consuming, but we have found several incorrect dietary practices that are common to those who have type 2 diabetes. It’s not always easy to adjust the diet, but we’ll be closely monitoring your blood results to ensure that your diet is working towards your overall wellbeing.

Weight Loss Plan


Exercise is an important part of our “reverse diabetes” program. Although we develop a different exercise program for each person based on their physical capacity, the premise behind regular exercise is the same for everyone who is trying to beat type 2 diabetes. Exercise serves to reduce blood sugar by improving the body’s ability to take sugar out of the blood and into the muscles.

An added benefit of regular exercise is that as you build up your physical tools, they begin to consume more blood sugar even while you’re resting. This makes our exercise component the easiest way to manage blood sugar and reverse diabetes in the long term. 

The exercises are supervised by an Exercise Physiologist who is medically trained to ensure that you are not put in any uncomfortable situations. We tailor the program to your ability and gradually progress the program as you improve.

360° Support

It’s very difficult to achieve anything great on your own. One of our primary roles is to provide you with complete support. That means whenever you have any questions, or need any help we’ll be right by your side. We understand that motivation is one of the primary barriers to achieving great health results. That’s because any attempt to improve your overall health requires persistence which isn’t easy given our busy lives. 

Additionally, since everyone is so unique, our complete support helps us get you results by ensuring that your specific needs are fully addressed. 


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Introduction & Assessment – An initial appointment to assess your starting point and ensure the program is the right one for you.

Diet & Nutrition – We’ll analyse your diet and give you starting goals and resources to get you on your way.

Exercise – We’ll assess your physical capacity to test your strength and fitness level. You’ll commence 2 personal training sessions per week to get your body on the right path.

Action & Support – We’ll regularly test your progress to ensure that it is working as expected and we’ll make adjustments as needed.

Maintenance – Once you have completed the program, we’ll help you create a strategy for long term success.


In Person: $60 per week (2 sessions per week)

Medicare & Health Funds can reduce your out of pocket expenses – some people can complete the program with $0 out of pocke

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