How to reverse diabetes and why it’s not your fault

One of the largest barriers with teaching people how to reverse diabetes is to first understand that it’s not your fault that you’re diabetic.

You see, as a society we’ve got it very wrong. Our nutritional experts listened to the wrong sources about what is “healthy” and what is not. Sugar is the basis of our normal western diet. You might already know that. But there are two lessons that we are just beginning to understand that helped me understand why it’s not your fault that you’re diabetic.


1. Carbohydrates and Sugar are basically the same thing

We’re taught that sugar is bad, most of us know that. But as a society we failed to make it clear that carbohydrates and sugar are essentially the same thing. That means rice, pasta, bread, fruit and potatoes can contribute to diabetes in the same way that ice cream, lollies and soft drink do.

I really don’t know why that point is not more emphasised to those diagnosed with diabetes. It really frustrates me, because it makes my job much harder (but also makes my results better aha!).

But the fact that it hasn’t been emphasised strongly helps me understand that it’s really not your fault that the information you were told was incomplete. Our guidelines have been heavily influenced by companies that are financially reliant on selling us carbohydrates. Even research studies can be misleading and have a huge impact on nutritional guidelines.


2. Fats are not that bad

This one can really cause the brain to spin out. Fats are not that bad! What?! Listen to me! FATS ARE NOT THAT BAD!

That’s the second big reason that being diabetic is not your fault. You were told (and are still told) to avoid foods that have fats because they’re bad for your heart and make you fat. However, there are only two primary sources of fuel: sugar or fat. Foods that are “fat free” are usually compensated with carbohydrates and sugar, making them much worse for someone at risk of diabetes.

You can reverse Diabetes


Now that we’ve established that it’s not your fault that you have diabetes (you can exhale), we can move onto the part that is up to you. 

Since you’re reading this, you have direct access to the information and support that can help show you how to reverse diabetes completely. 

Yes, that might mean you need to stop and rethink some of the poor habits that you have been implementing over the years, but at the end of the journey you’ll be healthier, medication free and DIABETES FREE! Wouldn’t that be great?


So…what do you need to do?



As I’ve discussed here, you’re going to need to clear the cached nutritional information that you have gathered over time and start fresh. Any kind of change is really challenging. Surrounding yourself with a great support network is the key to successfully reversing diabetes. 

Your support network needs to cover a few key areas in order to adequately help you. 


Love & Accountability – This role is best served by someone close to you. Partners, parents, children and siblings want you to be healthy. Even if it’s tough for them to reset the wrong information we’ve been told, they can help you stick to your guns when it gets tough. Sure, you can definitely get by on your own, but I’ve found people who can receive love and accountability from their family and friends to enjoy the path of least resistance. 


Scientific Support – This is the person (or people) that will help you with developing a scientifically sound plan. This is the role that I love to play and would love to help provide the scientific support for you too. This role involves developing habits and strategies that improve your physiology in terms of what you put into your body and how to train your body to function optimally. I would warn against one size fits all approaches as everyone needs a unique plan of action.


Preparation is the key to success

A good team is one thing, but combine the right tools AND the right team and now you’re in business. 

I understand that you’re busy, that’s why you can’t afford to fail. You don’t want to be stuck in a cycle of trying and failing for many years. Let’s get this done once and for all, right now. 

You need the right tools. If you decide to let me coach you along the way, I can provide a clearer picture of the right tools for you after I’ve learned more about your story. But the general toolbelt to reverse diabetes contains:


Blood glucose monitor – My favourite is the Abbott . I use this to monitor what my blood sugar is at any point in time. If you have a diabetes card (at least in Australia) you can get the accompanying strips for a fraction of the price. This particular model also works for measuring blood ketones but more on that later. Approx $40 See it on ebay 


A bunch of nuts – This might be the most expensive “tool” of the bunch. I especially like macadamia nuts, brazil nuts and walnuts. But most nuts are acceptable here. Macadmaia Nuts on Ebay 


Now you just have do it. 


That’s the real hard part.


You can definitely do it though. And if you ever get stuck…I’m right here to help you. 

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