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If you have injured yourself, and that injury is preventing you from fully enjoying your life, it is time for you to take decisive action. Unlike other Revesby Physiotherapy providers, Activate Clinic’s providers practice an integrated approach. They will use their comprehensive knowledge of the human body’s anatomy to figure out the cause of your pain and then develop a specialised programme just for you.

Activate Clinic’s Revesby Physiotherapy treatments do not provide only a temporary Band-Aid solution, but rather as long-term solutions. By concentrating on the cause of your problem, their aim is to heal your ailment completely. Activate Clinic’s Revesby Physiotherapy will work closely with all of their other providers, including doctors and Exercise Physiologists. We will create an integrated treatment plan that will work quickly on resolving your pain and get you back to enjoying your life.

All of Activate Clinic’s treatment sessions are one on one, which means that you get their staff’s full attention when you are receiving treatment. This one on one approach means that there is less chance of reinjuring yourself because you have full supervision. Moreover, the clinic has an on-site supervised gym. The convenience of the location directly across from the East Hills Train Station, long trading hours, and lowest prices are second to none. The staff will carefully monitor you when doing any treatments, which again hugely reduces the chance of re-injuring yourself. No matter the ache, pain, or ailment you are suffering from, the time has come to do something about it. Contact Activate Clinic today on  (02) 8764 4686 or [email protected] and get a treatment plan designed just for you.

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