We'll help you fix your shoulder pain once and for all

My name is Hany and I’m the Clinic Director here at Activate Clinic.
Hany Activate Clinic

We’ve seen many shoulder injuries and have helped those people enjoy their life and return to their normal activity PAIN FREE!

I am confident that we can help you too!

In Person Treatment

We do our best treatment in person. That’s because each injury is slightly different and the ideal solution can differ from person to person.

Just coming in for one session helps us determine a lot of the treatment plan and pathway to helping you recover from your injury.

Our clinic is located in South Western Sydney just off the M5 motorway.

98 Park Road,

Distance Treatment

The only reason we offer distance treatment is because we have been contacted by many people (all over the world) asking about advice on how to fix their shoulder pain. Since we are helping people locally, we want to find a way to help you no matter where you may live.


Our success rate is highest in person, so if you can come in for a session then we encourage you to do so.


If you are unable to attend a session in person, fill in your details in the form below and we’ll get you started in our online treatment program. We’ll give you the basic starting point for free and you will have the option to get more personalised treatment at a low cost.