Weight Loss Tip #1 – Brush Your Teeth!

One of the worst habits that we develop is the need for something sweet following a big meal. This habit is drilled into us from an early age by advertising, television shows and restaurants – all with the idea of selling you more things! For many people, the post dinner dessert is very difficult to even think about removing. It’s especially difficult when other members of the family are getting stuck into dessert and you have to try and hold off as long as you can before the temptation finally reaches boiling point!

Just like with any new habit creation, getting a streak of a few consecutive days to develop a “new normal” is usually all that we need to break old, bad habits and replace them with new ones that will help us achieve our goal – losing excess body fat.

One strategy for managing the post-meal sweet tooth is to:

brush your teeth when you have that sweet craving

This tip has worked for many people (myself included) as it gives a reset to your tastebuds and we already have taught our body that after brushing the teeth food consumption is at a minimum. Brushing your teeth will make it easier for you to resist unnecessary sugar following your meal and give you a chance to unlearn that habit which will free you up for future calorie saving.

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Do you think this will work for you? Let us know your thoughts…

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Hany is an Exercise Physiologist & the Clinic Director here at Activate Clinic.

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