Workplace Physical Education

Activate Exercise Clinic offers tailor made educational training for all types of workplaces. Depending on the specific requirements of your workplace, we offer group seminars to employees, as well as individual workplace  education at your business location.

According to Exercise is Medicine Australia:

“Research shows that engaging workplace health programs result in, on average:

• Reduction in sick leave by 25%;
• Decrease in workers compensation costs by 40%;
• Decrease in disability management costs by 24%

In summary this means for every $1 invested in employee health your company saves on average $5.81. (Health and Productivity Institute of Australia, 2010)”

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To provide practical, useful physical education in order to prevent injury, improve work function and quality of life in a workplace setting.

Common Topics

Our educational packets are custom designed to suit the needs of each workplace. Below a few of the most common topics are addressed as a guide.

  • Minimising risks of prolonged sitting

    Simple exercises at an employee’s desk without work disruption.

  • Preventing shoulder injuries

    Proper upper limb mechanics, improving shoulder stability.

  • Manual Handling

    Correct lifting techniques and appropriate exercises to accommodate proper technique.

  • Appropriate exercise strategies

    For the busy worker who is time poor.

  • Lower back pain

    Prevention and management.

  • Ascending/descending stairs

    Protecting joints and addressing muscle deficiencies.


The structure is flexible depending on the workplace requirement and can be finalised prior to the scheduled day.

  1. Discussion of workplace health needs with employer/management;
  2. Discussion of common injuries/ailments of workplace;
  3. Observation of work activities by an Exercise Physiologist (prior to scheduled time);
  4. Seminar/presentation to employees addressing general health issues, general exercise advice, prevention and management of common injuries (duration varies depending on scope of content);
  5. Question & Answer time;
  6. Individual/private discussion with individual employees.

Business man dumbbells


Costs will vary depending on the scope of content, volume of individualised consultation etc. Employers will be able to arrange a fixed price service prior to the booking being finalised. Contact us to find out more.